Hi, there! I’m Joel.

I’m a navel-gazing news nerd writing from New York City. I’m an audience development consultant, a social media strategist, a speaker, a journalist and a storyteller. But most of all, I’m just a nerd who loves postulating about where media is headed and how publishers can stay ahead of the curve.

For work:

I work at GQ Magazine, in audience development, using data to demystify strategic decision-making for Conde Nast’s corporate leadership and GQ’s editorial and product teams. I lead a team of strategists and storytellers creating new ways to tell stories and reach people online.

Before GQ, I was at Mic, a news site. I piloted online audience development across mobile apps, partnerships, newsletters and distributed social platforms, building and challenging teams to master each platform in turn.

I’ve headed up social media strategy at the New York Post (the 5th largest newspaper in the country) & Page Six (the Big Apple’s juiciest gossip column), and began my career at the iPad-only news startup The Daily.┬áMy writing and photography have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, GQ Magazine, the New York Post, Page Six, Huffington Post and more.

Some things I’m good at:

  • helping publishers understand how to use signals from their readers to build massive loyal audiences and monetize their attention
  • writing about the Internet on the Internet
  • designing smart social media strategy for brands, publishers, and personalities
  • predicting what’s going to happen next in the crazy fast-moving world of digital media
  • building and programming mobile apps, writing and optimizing email newsletters, and helping product teams figure out how to build habit-forming online experiences
  • SEO, graphic design, & video production

Want to hear more? Check out my LinkedIn, scope out my resume, send me an email, or tweet me anytime.